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Lernen Sie eine neue Sprache schnell und einfach mit AudioNovo – dem interaktiven Sprachkurs. Durch den besonderen Aufbau des Kurses ist gewährleistet, dass sich neue Wörter schnell im Gedächtnis verankern – ohne Auswendiglernen oder Grammatikpauken. Das Sprachtraining begleitet Sie von den Grundlagen bis hin zu komplexen Gesprächen.

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"Mir gefällt an dem Kurs, dass man wirklich nach jeder Lektion Fortschritte macht. Ich mache den Kurs jetzt seit 2 Wochen und ich konnte sogar schon etwas Spanisch mit einem Kunden sprechen! Das hat echt Spaß gemacht!"

[Jutta M. aus Hamburg]

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Die 5 Vorteile von AudioNovo Sprachkurse ...


For a language course to be effective, it is fundamental to achieve immediate results. As soon as you reach the point where you can naturally understand the new language, the dialogue situations won't be stressful anymore, but rather familiar. AudioNovo was conceived in such a way that you will achieve optimal results using it only 30 minutes a day.



A language is made of words, not letters. That's why, in order to comprehend a new language, it is essential to recognize words by their sound and to pronounce them correctly. The written form doesn't do justice to their phonetic aspect, and is therefore unfitting for learning a new language. With the AudioNovo language courses, you will learn the native pronunciation and take part in conversations.



With AudioNovo's interactive concept you will actively take part in the conversations. Each and every lesson works towards teaching you what you may need to say in day-to-day situations. For example, the first lessons will introduce you to greetings, then you will learn how to ask for directions or the time, how to arrange meetings etc. At the same time, you will be given a lexicon that will allow you to understand most simple conversations.



Using the AudioNovo language courses is incredibly easy. Every lessons is more or less 30 minutes long, making them perfect to fit in your daily schedule. New words are repeated at optimal intervals to help memorization. You can use AudioNovo at any time and in any place!



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Welche Sprache möchten Sie lernen?